Would the Dalai Lama Approve my Money Meditation?

Mar 21, 2021

Yesterday I was asked whether the Dalai Lama would approve of my meditation which was called ‘Become a Money Magnet’.

What the Dalai Lama teaches is that our ego’s attachment to money will not bring fulfilment or happiness. That wanting money for one’s own gratification, power, or control over others is wrong.

However, he doesn’t not teach that money itself is wrong. Nor that the desire for money for good intentioned, soul-led purposes is wrong.

Much good can be done with money. Many heart-centred, soul-led people have made a real positive change in the world with money.

The desire for money does not have to, and does not always, come from a place of greed, control, or for the need to satisfy one’s own ego.

This perception around money has to change if we want to make a real difference in the world.

There are many heart-centred people who have a real desire to help others. Yet, they are held back by their own fears and beliefs around money. Fears of judgement, of failure, success, visibility, change.

When you break free from money blocks and limit beliefs, you break free from your ego. You break free from the need for self-gratification, control or power over others. You are able to listen to your soul and follow your soul’s purpose, which always comes from a place of love. When you follow you soul, your purpose is not about you, it’s about others. Attachment to money and material belongings disappear. They can be enjoyed, and can enhance one’s life if that’s what they choose. But the attachment is not there. It doesn’t define who they are. It is not what drives them.

Breaking free from money blocks so that one can follow their soul’s purpose without fear, only with love, is surely what they Dalai Lama would want. Yes, this would bring self-gratification - but self-gratification of the soul. Yes, it may bring feelings of power - but not power over others. Power in one’s own ability to make a positive difference in the world. And yes, it may bring feelings of control - but not control over others. Control over how one chooses to live their life when they are free from fear. When they are living from their soul, from a place of love.

Therefore, yes, I do believe the Dalai Lama would approve of my work and my meditation.

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