Karen Goodchild

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer, Mentor & Spiritual Teacher

Founder of the Vibrationally HEALED ® Academy

I strongly believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and others. 

We now have access to energies that we never have had before. This changes everything. 

This means more Hope, Possibility and Potential for Real Change. 

This is why I have created the Vibrationally HEALED ® Academy. To make potent, powerful change using 5th Dimensional Energies the new norm. 

Become Vibrationally HEALED ®


What my clients have said...

"I’m super excited for the future. Karen has taught me skills to keep my energy vibration high so I can work towards smashing my goals and living my best life."


"Working with Karen was magical beyond words. She carries out the sessions in a seemingly effortless fashion, but to me she was literally shifting dimensions and realities, and magical doesn’t even begin to express it adequately."


"Since working with Karen, I have shed a wealth of old emotions and my life is going from strength to strength. My life has been transformed, and so has my income!"


Are you ready:

- to raise your vibration and heal and start really living life?

- to take your spiritual connection to a new level, connect you to your true soul purpose?

- to release the low vibrational emotions that are weighing you down so that can propel your health and business forward to where you know it can be?

- to shift your limiting beliefs and the underlying emotions so that they no longer block you from the abundance of health, wealth and success you desire?

- to become a vibrationally aligned to your purpose and your desires so that they become a reality quicker than you thought possible?

Are you ready to HEAL?

I'm Ready! What now? 


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