I am Karen Goodchild

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer &

Founder of the Vibrationally HEALED® Academy

I strongly believe that we all have a right to live a joyful, abundant, and purposeful life...

...yet so many are being held back from that because of emotional and/or physical health issues.

This has to stop!

There has never been a better time to be alive! The energies we have access to for growth,  expansion and healing are more potent than ever!

It is my mission to help people to break free from negative thought patterns, sabotaging behavioural patterns and ongoing health issues so that they can start really living a happy and healthy life. 

I believe that Low Vibration and Disconnection are at the root of most emotional and physical health issues.  

Therefore, my mission is to bring vibrational work and connection to the forefront of health for optimal results in both self-healing and the healing of others. 

After all....

Life Is For Living, So Let's Start!


A bit about me...

I am a Mum of two gorgeous girls.

I travelled a lot pre-kids, living and working in Japan, Indonesia and Australia.

I love music, especially 90's indie and house/EDM - I never really left the 90's!

I'm a sociable introvert. I like being around people, but love my lone time too.

I love a glass of red, some dark chocolate, and a feel good film.

I'm practical and down-to-earth - a typical Capricorn - as well as being spiritual and a huge believer in magic and miracles.

My Journey

I used to really struggle daily with my health, both emotionally and physically. I had so many food sensitives that led to daily bloating and pain, I was tired all of the time, I was irritable and snappy with my children, I argued with my partner all the time, I felt anxious, lost, and generally unhappy.

But I wanted to get better. I wanted to be better. And so my self-healing journey began.

After trying several forms of yoga, I finally found Kundalini Yoga, and things started to shift. It was powerful! I practiced religiously, and eventually because a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher. But I struggled to hold on to the highs that Kundalini Yoga brought me. 

I meditated, journalled, hired coaches and therapists, read so many books...you name it I did it. 

I discovered Systematic Kinesiology, which massively helped with my physical healing as well as the releasing of emotional baggage, and I trained to become a Practitioner. 

I started to feel better, but I was still struggling. I just couldn't seem to hold onto the good feelings that my practices brought me. 

Then I discovered the importance of Vibration and Connection. I learnt how to Release all of my stored emotions, and Align to who I truly was. 

Once I started releasing the low vibration and consciously connecting to my Higher Self I was finally able move away from fear and really feel love.

I am now a much more patient mother and partner, I have the energy to exercise more, I am more focused and clear about my purpose, and I feel really good pretty much all of the time.

I can now eat most foods without bloating, and I am feeling more abundant that I have ever felt before.

I now have full clarity on who I am, my purpose, and my vision. 

I can now connect to Joy! Something I never really understood before. 

My Training

I am a fully qualified Health and Wellness Practitioner, Energy Healer and Educator. 

I have reached a level of energetic expansion and vibrational frequency that goes beyond the norm.

Most importantly, I have done the work. The deep work that very few people manage to do. It was uncomfortable, and it was hard. But I have faced my shadows and my fears and have turned them ALL back to love.

Professional Qualifications

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer (2021)

Body Code Practitioner (2020)

Emotion Code Practitioner (2020)

TASK Certified Systematic Kinesiologist (2019)

KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher (2019)

Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (2019)

Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma (2017)

NLP Diploma (2017)

Reiki Level II (2010)

Educational Qualifications

MA Education (2017)

Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher & Professional Education (2016)

MA Linguistics & Teaching English as a Second Language (2015)

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