Trapped Emotions and How they Affect Your Health

Jun 21, 2021

My work as an Energy Healer involves getting to the root cause of health and wellbeing issues. Most of the time, the root cause is emotional. The build up of negative emotions over the years is damaging not just for our emotional wellbeing, but also our physical. Let me explain why.

Emotions are vibrations of energy. Every emotion has its own unique vibrational frequency.

Positive emotions vibrate at a high frequency. Negative emotions vibrate at a low, dense frequency.

Emotions are meant to be experienced, processed and released. However, when you have a negative experience, most often the processing and  releasing of the negative emotions experienced is not fully completed .

What happens then is that the negative emotions become stored within your physical body.

This means that part of you is continuously vibrating the energy of that emotion.

The Law of Attraction and quantum physics has taught us that energy attracts like energy - or what you vibrate you attract. What this means is that when you continuously vibrate a negative energy, as you do with trapped emotions, you will continue to attract experiences and circumstances that match that energy. This creates more negative emotions which lower your stored vibration even further.

Over time, these low vibrational emotions build up. They weigh you down. Make you feel heavy. They are quite literally your emotional baggage.

They not only affect your emotional wellbeing, but also your physical health.

As these low-dense energies are stored within your physical body, they affect the cells and tissues surrounding them. The stomach, for example, is a really common organ for negative emotions to be stored within. When we feel stressed, anxious, fearful or angry, it is usually felt in the stomach.

Over time, the build up of low vibration within the stomach can cause digestive issues, food sensitivities, stomach acid, weight gain and so on.

In fact, the root cause of most physical issues can be traced back to some form of low vibrational energy, most often trapped emotions.

So what can be done?

Everything starts with awareness. Start tuning in to your body and noticing your stored vibration. How does it feel? If you have any physical issues, connect to them and feel into whether there is stored vibration there which is causing or contributing to the issues.

For now, just notice, and become aware. In my next post I will give further guidance on how you can start releasing these emotions, and start raising your vibration from within.

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