How to Attract Abundance

Mar 09, 2021

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that ensures that whatever you attract into your experience is a vibrational match for your own past and present vibrational frequency.

The Law of Attraction is constantly working, whether you are aware of it or not. This is because you are an energetic being. You are vibrating constantly. Everything is vibrating constantly, and because energy is attracted to ‘like’ energy you are naturally a vibrational match for whatever energetic frequency you are vibrating.

This means that if you are vibrating the frequency of lack, or fear, or guilt, or worthlessness, you will energetically attract circumstances into your experience that match that frequency. You will attract more feelings of lack, fear, guilt, or worthlessness, because feelings and emotions are vibrations of energy.

So, let’s put this in the context of money. The amount of money you have, and earn, at the present time is a result of your past vibration. If you want to change your financial circumstances, you need to change your vibration around money and become a vibrational match for the money you want.

So, how do you change your vibrational frequency around money?

1. Become aware of your vibration.

- What does your vibrational around money feel like? Do you feel like you are vibrating abundance, stagnation or lack energy? Tune in to this and really feel it. Once you become aware of your vibration, you can start making changes to shift it.

2. Focus on what it is you DO have

  • Shifting your focus and perspective to what you DO have, rather than what you don’t, will help shift you out of a vibration of lack. Noticing how abundant you already are will help to raise your abundance vibration.

3. Celebrate everything that you receive.

  • Noticing and celebrating every little but of abundance that comes your way will help to create the momentum of abundance energy, and will attract more of that into your experience.

4. Decide what it is you DO want

  • Shifting your focus away from what you don’t have, to what it is you DO want, instantly raises your vibration, and connects you to the energy of Desire. Get clear on your desire. Connect to it, and to the feeling of having it. This feeling, or vibration, of already having it, is what will attract your desire to you.

5. Release the Resistance that you feel

- Your resistance comes from your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and trapped emotions. They come from your past experiences, and they are stored within your body and subconscious mind. They are continuously vibrating, causing you to attract more circumstances that confirm these limiting beliefs, cementing them as Truths.

Notice your limiting beliefs, accept that they are there, and disempower them by creating new Truths. Truths that match your Desires. Truths that match who you truly are. Truths that match who you want to be.

“The Truth is it is safe for me to let go of my limiting beliefs and live an abundant, fulfilling life”

"The Truth is my work is valuable and I am willing to let go of my limiting beliefs so that I can reach the people who need me"

With love,

Karen x

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