Become Energetically Aligned to Abundance 

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Fears and frustrations around money can keep you feeling stuck.

They can make you feel like you will never get to where you want to be.

They can leave you feeling lost.

They can make you feel like giving up.

There is so much advice out there to help with money mindset and manifesting. But much of it can still leave you feeling like ‘something’ is blocking you. That ‘something’ is missing.

What if you could shift that ‘something’?

What if you could find that missing link?

Imagine releasing your fears around money that have been keeping you feeling stuck, so that you can make choices from a place of love.

Imagine how it would feel to become vibrationally aligned to abundance so that you can energetically attract what it is you desire with ease.

The Align to Abundance online course will help you to do just that. It goes beyond what other money mindset and manifesting books and courses offer. It gives you the tools and techniques to shift that ‘something’ that is keeping you stuck, for good! 

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Who Am I?

I’m Karen Goodchild, a Transformational Energy Healer. I spent years studying the Law of Attraction, following manifesting coaches, reading money mindset books, doing intense yoga and meditations, journalling, writing gratitude lists, repeating affirmations, and so on. It all helped. But there was still something keeping me stuck. I was still full of fear and frustration. I was still hiding away in a job I didn’t want to be doing, despite all of my qualifications and capabilities that could help others. I was still unhappy deep down.

That was until I found that missing ‘something’. Low stored vibrational emotions trapped within the body, keeping me stuck in a place of fear, and vibrating an energy of stagnation and lack.

Releasing ALL of my low-vibration has been life-changing. I now have clarity, confidence and I am completely free from fears around money, visibility, growing a successful business, and following my dreams. It is liberating. I am in complete alignment with the energy of abundance, fully awakened and consciously whole.

I am now dedicated to helping other heart-centred souls to free themselves from physical and emotional issues that are holding them back from living the purpose-filled lives they desire. 

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“I cannot recommend Karen’s course highly enough. It has helped me hugely in clearing the low vibrational trapped emotions and now I feel lighter, happier and ready for action!” (Dawn)

“I loved these workshops, they really helped me to feel differently about money. I found the meditations really powerful. I would recommend this to anyone who has money fears. It has helped me loads". (Samantha)

The Align to Abundance Course

This online self-study course will help you to shift your energy around money from that of fear, lack and stagnation, and align you to the energy of abundance so that you can allow it to flow into your experience with ease.

It includes:-

1. Six powerful workshops:-

i.Your Energy, Your Higher Self and Your Desires

ii. Becoming a Vibrational Match for Abundance

iii. Addressing Your Relationship with Money

iv. Shifting Stagnation

v. The Importance of Purpose and Action

vi. The Energy of Receiving

2.  Six Activating Meditations

These meditations will support the workshops and help you to continuously manage your abundance vibration throughout this programme and beyond.

i. Connecting to your Higher Self

ii. Amplifying your Desire

iii. The Abundance Activator

vi. Overcoming Fear

v. Money Magnet Meditation

vi. The Abundance Prayer

3. KundaDance Session

This 60 minute KundaDance session will help you to raise your energy levels, shift stagnant energy in the body, clear energetic blocks and help you to lift your mood leaving you feeling good!

4. 6 Workbooks

A workbook summarising each workshop, so you don't have to take notes, with practical exercises to help shift limiting beliefs, and tackle your money blocks head on.

How much? 

For 6 powerful workshops, 6 activation meditations, a KundaDance session and the workbooks, the price is:



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This is For You If...

- you want to shift your energy from lack to abundance.

- want to clear money blocks and limiting beliefs by getting to the root cause and releasing them for good.

- want to build a positive relationship with money so that you can start to feel good about it.

- want to become aligned to a financial goal so that you can take authentic and aligned action towards achieving it.

- you want to release your fears around money so that you can make life and business choices from a place of love. 

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Any Questions?

Please send me a message if you have any questions about working with me. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.