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Being in the health, wellness or coaching industry means you are passionate about seeing positive change in others. 

You have trained, studied and understand how your work can help others to feel better and to heal. 

You have seen the change that your work brings.

You know that your method works.

Your clients have seen results.

You have seen the change in your clients. 

But I hear so often that "something is missing".

What if you could get results that go beyond all expectations, without having to learn a whole new method, so that you can set yourself apart in your field?

What if you could sky-rocket your success, both with clients and income, and see results that blow your mind, leaving you feeling fulfilled, accomplished and acknowledged.

What if you understood how to go beyond your clients’ symptoms, so that they can heal at a cellular, subconscious and soul level, breaking negative thought patterns and ongoing health issues for lasting results that bring real change.

Imagine working only with clients to took responsibility for their own health and happiness based upon your guidance and expertise, and saw their whole life change as a result.


This is what happens when you start working with 5th Dimensional energies.

You open yourself up to capabilities that go beyond the norm.

You set yourself apart because you get mind-blowing results that your clients shout about because they are amazed!

You get noticed, effortlessly, and more action-taking clients who are ready for change start reaching out to you. 

You feel accomplished, successful and fulfilled in your work because you know you are creating change that has real impact in the world. 

Sounds amazing, right? 


But to get there, you first must understand what HEALED looks like to you. 

You must first understand your own belief patterns, habitual behaviour and ongoing health issues, and learn how to overcome them, so that you can show up in a true, authentic energy that inspires trust and belief in you.

You must first show what is possible and embody the health and happiness you want to see in others, so that you can become known as a leader in your field that elevates, uplifts, and succeeds.

You must first experience what becoming Vibrationally HEALED looks and feels like to you.

Because only by experiencing this for yourself can you inspire trust, belief and motivation in your clients to take action that will change, and possibly save, their lives. 

This is what it means to 'be the change you want to see'. 

The results you want to see in your clients and in your income has to start with you. 

The Vibrationally HEALED © Foundation Programme will show you how. 


The Vibrationally HEALED Foundation Programme is an 8 week leading-edge group programme for results-driven, client focused, holistic health and wellbeing practitioners who are ready to experience and fully understand what healed looks like for them, and go on to create massive impact through their work. 

It is the pre-requisite to the Vibrationally HEALED Certification Programme, a certification that will enable you to implement this leading-edge understanding into your practice to up-level your results and completely set you apart in your field.

This 8 Week Leading-Edge Programme Includes:

The Vibrationally HEALED Foundation Programme Workshops

Packed full of new and wondrous information, these online workshops will help to shift your perspective around self-healing, giving you to tools to create change within yourself that could help set you apart from others in your field.

The powerful tools and techniques are designed to shift your energy and fast-track your own transformation towards what healed looks like for you.

You will gain a thorough understanding of how the Vibrationally HEALED Framework - Vibration, Connection, Release and Align - are fundamental to healing, and how you can apply them to yourself, so that you can then go on to implement this in your practice with your clients through the Certification programme. 

The workshops are broken down into bite-sized sections, all with detailed downloadable slides for you to review with ease. 

All workshops are available for you to watch in your own time, on most devices. 

(See below for more details on the content of the modules)

Weekly Group Q&A & Mentoring Sessions

You will be fully supported and guided throughout this life-changing journey through weekly sessions.  

These sessions will help provide clarity and insight on anything that comes up for you as part of your own healing and spiritual transformation. 

You can join live, or ask a question beforehand and catch the answer on replay. 

These sessions will be held on Thursdays at 6pm GMT/BST via Zoom. 

Optional Extras

1:1 Bespoke Advanced Vibrational Healing

These sessions are where the magic happens. You will receive either weekly or fortnightly powerful healing sessions that are targeted to exactly what you need as a priority in order to experience what HEALED looks and feels like to you, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This could be:

-identifying physical imbalances that are preventing you from feeling your optimal best, and enacting healing that creates permanent change at a cellular level, realigning you so that you feel better than you have ever felt.

- identifying and releasing underlying emotions from past experiences that you are holding within your subconscious, so that you can break the negative thought patterns, habitual behaviours and limiting beliefs so that you can sky-rocket your business results beyond expectation.  

re-programming your conscious mind perspective and subconscious belief patterns so though you can break negative habitual behavioural patterns that are preventing you from being all that you can be. 

- shifting unconscious influence from your mind, body and soul that is preventing any physical, emotional and spiritual healing from succeeding so that you can experience change that has not been possible before. 

bespoke healing design will be enacted based upon what is priority for you overall, to shift you towards what healed looks like to you, so that you can go on to create lasting change within your clients and in your business.  

Sessions are held via Zoom on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 10am and 3pm GMT/BST. (Other times can be made available).

What do the Workshops Include? 

What others have said...

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"The Foundation programme is a complete shift. It provides insight, understanding, practical tools and practices for learning how to clear your fear and raise your vibration. This programme really helped me to clear through the stuff that was holding me back, and to understanding why this was happening. There is just so much valuable information in there, but it is delivered in a manageable way. I now feel empowered, fearless and confident to move forward in my business and my life, and to service others."

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"I have been learning all about how to master my vibration through various techniques for over a year and have never grasped the understanding before with such crystal clear clarity until I took Karen's Foundation Program. 

She has such a unique and magical way of demystifying detailed information making it simple and digestible to learn. Her teaching is filled with such loving and true vibes you can’t help but get swept up in the wonder of her healing vibration. 

The one to one sessions really took me by surprise. They were so powerful. I really feel a positive change to my physical health just after 4 sessions.

I know she truly wants the best for all her clients just from the attention to detail and the time she spent working on me. She never rushed, always put the result ahead of the time we had booked in. 

Thank you so much Karen. I can’t wait to learn more!"


Pay in Full:


One payment.

(1:1 VIP upgrades available at checkout)

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Pay Monthly:

£135 p/m

Six monthly payments (available for a limited time only)

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If you're not quite sure if this is for you, please book a call to see what the best option for you is. 

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I'm Karen Goodchild

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer, Mentor & Spiritual Teacher. 

I help health and wellbeing professionals, healers, therapist and health coaches to massively uplevel the results they see with their clients, their income and how fulfilled they feel on a soul level through my Vibrationally HEALED ® Framework. 

This Framework helps you to break free from negative thought patterns, habitual behaviour and ongoing health issues so that you can start seeing the success in your business that leaves you feeling accomplished and fulfilled. 

As a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer, I have reached a level of energetic expansion and enacted powerful healing capabilities that go beyond the norm.

My soul purpose is to bring freedom for all and freedom from all.

I am passionate about this work...

...because I want to see change in the world. Not just surface level change, but true change that is felt, lasting, and that changes, and saves, lives. 

That change comes from results-driven, client focused health & wellness professionals such as you. 

I know from my own experience of becoming Vibrationally HEALED how powerful and effective this work is.

I have felt the changes within me and I have seen the changes around me. 

My business has grown, my clients are getting better results than ever, my health has never been better, and my level of personal happiness is naturally and consistently high.

It's the ripple effects of this work that are most important to me, because that's when real change occurs. 


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Pay in Full:


One payment.

(1:1 VIP upgrades available at checkout)

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Pay Monthly:

£135 p/m

Six monthly payments (available for a limited time only)

(1:1 VIP upgrades available at checkout)

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