Vibrationally HEALED® Certified Programmes

Level 1: 

Emotion & Belief Release Programme

An 8 week online CPD Certified and accredited programme that helps you to identify and release low vibrational energies that are stored in the body.


Upon completion, you will be a Vibrationally HEALED® Certified Emotion & Belief Release Practitioner. 

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Level 2:

Advanced Cellular Healing

A 12 week online group programme that takes physical healing to a whole new level. 

* you must have completed the Vibrationally HEALED® Emotion & Belief Release programme before enrolling on this programme.  

Become a Vibrationally HEALED® Advanced Practitioner and leverage higher vibrational energies than have ever been accessed before for deep cellular healing that goes beyond the norm. 

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Vibrationally HEALED®: Conscious Identity Shift

This programme focuses on how the Conscious Mind Perspective is programmed, and how re-programming can result in the breaking of old habits, thoughts and ways of being. 

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Vibrationally HEALED®: Lifestyle Shift

This programme focuses on how to make positive lifestyle changes that can help lead to optimal energy, confidence and health. 

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Short Courses

Whether you are self-healing or healing others, these programmes will help MAXIMISE your results for RAPID positive change.

Feel Good For Good

A "mind-blowing" 5-day self-study programme providing a brand new way to find emotional balance, inner-peace and to start feeling good for good using simple yet powerful energetics.

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Align to Abundance

A powerful self-study online programme to help you to shift your energy around abundance and start attracting what it is you desire into your life with more ease.

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Health For Happiness

This 4 week self-study programme is jam-packed with fundamental and practical information on how to keep your body healthy and to return to your natural state of physical balance, for optimal health and happiness. A healthy body leads to a healthy and happy mind.

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