Client Reviews

"Karen creates a very nice atmosphere in the KundaDance classes. It is suitable for everyone and works on every chakra. I am also impressed with Kinesiology sessions with Karen. She is caring compassionate and knowledgeable. Highly recommended." (Elvira, Sept 2019)

"I have been attending Kinesiology sessions with Karen for several months now. Karen is extremely professional, but at the same time is able to make me feel completely at ease. The sessions have proven invaluable to my recovery from burnout and adrenal fatigue, and have also supported immensely in improving my emotional well-being. Karen is able to explain the processes clearly and approaches the bodywork in a non-invasive way. Her capacity to support through difficult emotions during the sessions really supports the potential for opening up and healing. Kinesiology will continue to form a fundamental part of my wellness toolkit." (Sam, August 2019)

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