Break Through Your Abundance Blocks

Release the physical and emotional issues that are holding you back from living the purposeful life you desire.

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How would it feel to be:

FREE from the physical and emotional issues that are holding you back from living a joyful and abundant life.

FREE from your limiting beliefs and your abundance blocks that are making you feel stuck.

FREE from the emotional baggage that is weighing you down.

FREE from feeling stuck when it comes to living a life full of purpose.

What if... were constantly vibrating the energy of abundance? Imagine how that would feel and the opportunities that it would bring.

What if you felt balanced and calm when it came to living your purpose.

What if you had the clarity and confidence to take aligned action towards what it is you desire .

What if you felt completely aligned to living a fully purposeful and abundant life. 



Imagine... different your life would look and feel, and the results you would get from taking action from this place of ease, flow and trust. The possibilities and opportunities that it would bring. The freedom, the joy. 

It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

In fact, it feels pretty damn amazing!

It is life-changing, not just for you but for all of the people you want to help!

I know how frustrating it is when... know you have purpose to help others and make a difference ...


you feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed - like something is blocking you but you don’t know what.

When you’ve read all the money manifesting books, studied the Law of Attraction, journalled, meditated, but you still don't seem to be getting the results you want.

When you just don’t seem to have enough time to fit anything else in, but you really want to succeed.

This was me too, for many years.  Then, I started working on my abundance vibration.

I started releasing the trapped emotions that were creating limiting beliefs and were weighing me down, causing me to vibrate lack and stagnation. I became vibrationally aligned to my financial goal, and I started to take aligned action. 

I became a vibrational match for abundance!

Finally, I saw change - perfect clients started to find me without marketing, my business started growing, and so did my income.

It was like magic!


It has to stop!

I hear so many heart-centred people, who want to make a difference in the world, talk about how they feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to living their purpose.  

Many never start. Many start, and give up. Many say things like "I would love to....but..."

This has to stop! 

The world needs people like us now more than ever. 

It's time to step up and release your resistance to abundance, visibility and change.

It's time to shine and make a difference in the world. 

Your purpose is needed. 

This is exactly why I have created the Break Through Your Abundance Blocks programme.

To help heart-centred people with a purpose who want to break free from their resistance to abundance, so that they can start living their purpose making a difference in the world.

Tell me more

Who Am I?

I am Karen Goodchild, a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer

I am here to make a difference - to help raise the vibration of the planet - to bring freedom for all. 

I am a down-to-earth, practical Capricorn.

I am a social introvert - I love people but also love and need time alone

I am spiritual, consciously whole and Awakened. I work consciously with my Higher Self and Non-Physical team to enhance my healing capabilities.

I am determined, passionate, and I care deeply about what I do and who I work with.

More About Me

What is the Break Through Your Abundance Blocks programme?

It is a transformational journey that will help heart-centred people with a purpose, who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, to clear the money blocks that are holding them back, and find the courage and confidence to take aligned action so they can start living the purposeful life they desire.

It will help you to:

  • heal from the physical and emotional issues that are preventing you from living your purpose.
  • identify and release your limiting beliefs around abundance so that you can break free from what is blocking you from the living the abundant life you desire. 
  • get rid of what is causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious so that you feel calm and balanced when it comes to taking action towards your purpose.
  • get rid of low vibration that is causing you to self-sabotage so that you can make positive changes in your life that will bring lasting change.
  • build a positive relationship with money so that you can open yourself up to receiving more of it.
  • balance you physically, emotionally and energetically so that you feel lighter and happier, with more energy to support your purpose.

You will get:

12 x potent 75 minute 1:1 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing sessions with coaching and mentoring included.  These sessions are POWERFUL and are completely tailored to your individual needs.

You will also receive support in-between the sessions where I will be there to help you through the transformation processes. I motivate and encourage you to implement the changes you need to make in order to bring about lasting change.  



As well as the powerful sessions, you will get access to the Align to Abundance Online Programme:


6 Align to Abundance workshops, giving you advice and techniques that you can implement in-between sessions to fully boost your abundance vibration.

These include:-

1. Your Energy, Trapped Emotions, Your Higher Self and Your Desires

2. Becoming a Vibrational Match for Abundance

3. Addressing Your Relationship with Money

4. Shifting Stagnation

5. The Importance of Purpose and Action

6. The Energy of Receiving


Six workbooks which summarise the workshops so that you can listen without worrying about taking notes. They include practical exercises to use alongside the workshops, to help shift limiting beliefs, and tackle your money blocks head on.


6 powerful meditations to support the healing sessions and workshops, and help you shift energetically so that you can continue manage your abundance vibration throughout the journey.

1. Connecting to your Higher Self

2. Amplifying your Desire

3. Abundance Activator

4. Meditation Balance and Calm

5. Meditation to Calm Fear.

6. Abundance Prayer. 



A 60 minute KundaDance video to help raise your energy levels, shift out stagnation and make you feel AMAZING!


How much?

Client Love

"Since working with Karen, my life has been transformed - I have more work and my income has grown! Opportunities seem to have come out of nowhere.  I feel completely supported by Karen in continuous life and business goal progression, and I cannot recommended her highly enough. I have shed a wealth of old emotions and my life and business is going from strength to strength".

Samantha Hemming, December, 2020.

"Working with Karen on her Abundance programme was magical beyond words. She carries out the sessions in a seemingly effortless fashion, but to me she was literally shifting dimensions and realities, and magical doesn’t even begin to express it adequately.

During the Abundance programme I attracted beautiful and empowered high-end clients, and I feel closer to my goal of 10/20K months than ever before. Karen cleared the emotions of lack and fear that were energetically and literally blocking money coming to me in large amounts.

Karen really is a miracle worker, she is the embodiment of new earth energetics and quantum healing. I feel so honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her, and intend to work with her again very soon!"

Ellen Anne Schultz, Love Coach. December 2020.

"Before I started Karen's Abundance programme, I felt stuck in my business. I wasn’t moving forward or growing and I knew I was holding myself back with fear and limiting beliefs. Karen was able to identify and clear trapped emotions, misalignments and all sorts of other things that were creating stagnant energy within. Now this has been released I feel clarity and focus, and I am so much more aligned with my goals. Amazingly, during the programme I attracted a new business partner! I can only put this down to the fact that Karen cleared so many trapped emotions that were making me fearful, so when they were cleared I simply took the inspired action necessary and didn’t let fear hold me back. 

I’m super excited for the future. Karen has taught me skills to keep my energetic vibration high so I can work towards smashing my goals and living my best life."

Dawn Maisey, Area Manager at Arbonne. January, 2021. 

The Investment

For the full Break Through Your Abundance Blocks programme including 12 sessions, plus bonuses: 


or monthly instalments:

4 x £499


This Includes:

12 magical 75 minute 5DE Certified Healing sessions with coaching and mentoring, and personal support.


Access to the Align to Abundance Online Course, including:-

6 powerful training videos

6 activating meditations

6 practical workbooks to support your journey

A KundaDance video session

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Why Me?

I am a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer, a certified Kinesiologist, and Emotion & Body Code Practitioner, and Kundalini Yoga teacher which means I am qualified and experienced in getting the the root cause of physical, emotional and energetic issues, and providing powerful healing techniques. 

I have also trained in Reiki, NLP, and Nutritional Therapy, and I have two Masters Degrees in Teaching and Education.

I am fully insured and work under the regulations of the Kinesiology Association governing body. 

Most importantly, I have done the work myself. The deep work that very few people manage to do. It was uncomfortable, unpleasant at times, and it was hard. But I have faced my shadows and my fears and have replaced them with love - love for myself and love for all. 

I continue to do the work - growing, learning and expanding - so that I can continue to shine my light and help others to shine theirs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Download a FREE Guide to Conquering Your Money Fears

It will help shift your energy around money from lack to abundance so that you can start receiving the income you deserve in your business. 

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It's Time to Release Your Fears around Money, and Grow Your Business with Ease! 


The Break Through Your Abundance Blocks programme will help you to do that. 

The Investment:

£1997 in full

or monthly instalments:

4 x £499


This Includes:

12 magical 75 minute 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing sessions with coaching and mentoring, and personal support between sessions. 


6 powerful training videos

6 activating meditations

6 practical workbooks to support your journey

A KundaDance video session


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