5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing

For those who are truly ready for change. 

Physical and emotional issues can weigh you down and affect all areas of your life, especially if they are ongoing and attempts to resolve them have been unsuccessful. 

They can create other issues such as stress, anxiety, worry, and fear. They can make you short-tempered and irritable, and can affect your confidence and drive causing your relationships, work and overall happiness to suffer.

When you have tried what feels like everything to overcome these struggles, it is easy to lose hope.

Yet, something inside of you knows that there is a way through this. That's why you're here reading this, because you're not ready to give up hope just yet. Deep down you know that change is possible.

What if there was an answer?

What if the there was an answer to your ongoing issues? 

How it would feel to finally be free from your the physical and emotional issues that have been holding you back in life, your work, or in your relationships?

Imagine the difference that this would make to all areas of your life. How much more energy and confidence you would have, and the effect that it would have on your overall happiness and those around you. 

Now go further. Think bigger. Feel into the unlimited possibilities that this change could bring to you. 

This, and MORE, is what is possible when you start a powerful 5th Dimension Earth Certified Energy Healing journey. 

THIS is the change you have been asking for.

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I'm Karen Goodchild, a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer

As a 5DE Certified Healer, I am not just any Energy Healer. I have reached a level of energetic expansion and enacted powerful capabilities that go beyond the norm. I am able to harness and utilise the 5th Dimension Earth Energetic Megadome, the most powerful energetic holding that there is. This means that my capabilities are amplified to enable me to communicate with and influence change at a cellular level, getting to the absolute root cause of your issues to create permanent, positive change within you.

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What Clients Say


"I have loved working with Karen. Her gentle style and professionalism has been truly wonderful. I continue the next chapter of my life being free from some of the sad and painful emotions I have carried with me. So thank you once again for your amazing work". 


"The work I have done with Karen over the past few months has been absolutely mind blowing. We started working together on general issues I was experiencing, both physical and emotional. In many sessions I experienced deep emotional releasing and then feelings of joy and lightness. Karen really is a miracle worker".

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing Sessions

During these powerful sessions, I will connect to you energetically through my Higher Self who will connect to your Higher Self. The energy will be amplified by my unique connection to the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome, a powerful energetic holding that I have access to as a 5DE Certified Healer. This will enable me to gain unique insight into your individual emotional and physical healing needs, and enact a specific healing design that gets to the root of what is causing your issues to bring about change at a cellular level. 

These sessions are for you if:

- you have ongoing physical and/or emotional issues 

- you have tried to overcome these issues but have not had success

- you are ready for change

- you believe that change is possible

- you are ready to commit to making change happen

How much?

£97 for 1 x session 

£247 for 3 x sessions 

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes and are held via Zoom. 

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"It amazed me how accurate the analysis was, right down to the emotions and ages that they occurred. The non-judgmental and non-intrusive process addressed my issues without the need for the verbalised, often harrowing searching of many other therapies. It felt empowering. With Karen's compassion, insight and knowledge, I would highly recommend her work to others". 


"Working with Karen felt like magic! Before our sessions, I would get frustrated and stew over negative comments by certain people in my life. Now I am no longer triggered, and the comments don't bother me in the slightest! We also worked on some of my physical pains which felt miraculous, and were related to things I haven't thought about since they happened many years ago. This is powerful stuff. If you are considering working with Karen, I highly recommend you do!"

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Sessions are online via Zoom and last approximately 45 minutes. 

Single session £97

3 sessions £247

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