What does HEALED look like to you?

Yes, completely, totally HEALED. Physically.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.

Wow. What a question!

This is the question I ask every client, and then we work towards achieving nothing less.

We get to the absolute root cause of any negative thought patterns, habitual behaviour and ongoing health issues, and enact change at a cellular, conscious and subconscious level, for permanent, positive change. 

We hold that vision and work towards achieving what HEALED looks like for you using Advanced Energetic Healing techniques and taking targeted action that gets results, so that you can start living the fulfilled and purposeful life your soul desires.  

This is the power of working with 5th Dimension Earth© energies. Miracles are expected.

We go for Vibrationally HEALED - Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually. Nothing less.

1:1 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing 

An advanced healing journey, for those who are serious about creating change. 

During this transformative programme, I will gain specific and detailed information around your healing priorities, and enact a bespoke healing design to shift you towards becoming Vibrationally HEALED® - Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually. 

I go beyond your symptoms and work towards achieving OPTIMAL health and wellbeing.

What's Included?

Weekly potent 45-60 minute 5th Dimension Earth Healing and Mentoring Sessions plus unique and targeted insight, advice and guidance on the action and implementation required in-between sessions for you to maximise your healing journey both during and beyond our time together.

I will get to the absolute root of negative thought patterns, habitual behaviour and ongoing health issues, energetically releasing the underlying cause so that you can finally HEAL, FEEL GOOD consistently and start living a truly fulfilled and meaningful life. 

Plus Bonuses for Support In-between Sessions:

Messenger Support

Mon-Fri 9-3pm to support you through the healing process in-between our sessions. 

Health for Happiness Online Programme (worth £195)

This 4 week programme covers the fundamentals of being healthy and happy, and includes topics such as exercise, sugar, hormones, nutrition, toxins, digestion, immunity, emotions and stress. This will help you to take control of your own physical and emotional health, for your ongoing health and happiness.  

You will also have access to meditations and techniques to help you to master your energy and stay in balance more easily. 

Optional Extra

The Vibrationally HEALED® Foundation Programme. 

This programme is for you if you want to understand how VIBRATION & CONNECTION impacts your emotional, physical and spiritual health. The 4 in-depth modules take you through the Vibrationally HEALED® Framework helping you to make sense of why you feel the way you do, RELEASE what is stopping you from feeling good, and ALIGN to the new truths that you will be creating about yourself, your journey and your future. 


1.1. Your Vibration | 1.2 Your Vibration & Your Business | 1.3 Stored Negative Emotions | 1.4 Managing Your Vibration | 1.5 Origin of Emotions | 1.6 Vibration & Your Physical Health | 1.7 Vibration & Your Spiritual Connection


2.1 Your Higher Self | 2.2 Higher Self Connection | 2.3 Higher Self Tuning | 2.4 Your Inner Being | 2.5 Your Subconscious Mind | 2.6 Your Conscious Mind | 2.7 Your Physical Body | 2.8 Your Desires | 2.9 The 5th Dimension


3.1 Self Healing Best Practice | 3.2 Wanting Change | 3.3 Taking Responsibility | 3.4 The Releasing Process | 3.5 Creating Truths | 3.6 The Sway Test


4.1 What is Alignment? | 4.2 Align to Your Higher Self | 4.3 Align to Your High Vibration | 4.4 Align to Your Truths | 4.5 Align to Your Soul Purpose | 4.6 Align to Your Desires | 4.7 Align to Your Ideal Clients | 4.8 Awakening 

Additional Cost: £500

These sessions are for you if:

- you are looking for something new and different, that resonates and makes sense. 

- you are serious about change and ready to commit to a new healing journey that takes you beyond what you have done before.

- you feel that there is more to life and why you are here, and you are ready to find out what that is. 

- you are determined and ready to take action towards your new healing journey.

I only offer a limited number of 1:1 sessions at any one time to ensure that you have my full attention and that your energy is fully held throughout our time together.

I'm Karen Goodchild,

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer

As a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer, I have reached a level of energetic expansion and enacted powerful capabilities that go beyond the norm.

I am able to harness and utilise the 5th Dimension Earth Energetic Megadome, the most powerful energetic holding that there is. This means that my capabilities are amplified to enable me to communicate with and influence change at a soul and cellular level, getting to the absolute root cause of your issues and enact targeted and focused healing to create permanent, positive change for you so you can start living a fully meaningful and purposeful life.

What Clients Say


"I have loved working with Karen. Her gentle style and professionalism has been truly wonderful. I continue the next chapter of my life being free from some of the sad and painful emotions I have carried with me. So thank you once again for your amazing work". 


"The work I have done with Karen over the past few months has been absolutely mind blowing. We started working together on general issues I was experiencing, both physical and emotional. In many sessions I experienced deep emotional releasing and then feelings of joy and lightness. Karen really is a miracle worker".

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Book 3 Months: £1495 or 5 x £299
Book 6 Months: £2850 or 8 x £357

Plus £500 for the optional Vibrationally HEALED® Foundation Programme (can be added at checkout)


- weekly powerful 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing Sessions and Mentoring Sessions, where we get to the root of what's preventing you from feeling good consistently. 

- Clear and bespoke guidance on the action and implementation required in-between sessions to maximise and speed up your healing.

- Messenger Support from Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm. 

- Access to the Health for Happiness online programme (worth £195) - a series of short workshops, meditations and exercises to guide you back towards health and happiness. This programme covers: hydration, sugar, hormones, exercise, nutrition, toxins, stress, digestion, immune system, vibration.

Plus bonuses: Meditation for Calm and Balance, Brain Boost Technique, Meditation for Increased Energy, full online KundaDance class.

Optional Extra: Vibrationally HEALED® Foundation Programme.

An in-depth programme that takes you through the Vibrationally HEALED® Framework so that you can understand your journey and how to change your path to one that feels good.  

The option to add the Vibrationally HEALED® Foundation Programme will be given at checkout. 

Additional cost: £500

More Client Love


"It amazed me how accurate the analysis was, right down to the emotions and ages that they occurred. The non-judgmental and non-intrusive process addressed my issues without the need for the verbalised, often harrowing searching of many other therapies. It felt empowering. With Karen's compassion, insight and knowledge, I would highly recommend her work to others". 


"Working with Karen felt like magic! Before our sessions, I would get frustrated and stew over negative comments by certain people in my life. Now I am no longer triggered, and the comments don't bother me in the slightest! We also worked on some of my physical pains which felt miraculous, and were related to things I haven't thought about since they happened many years ago. This is powerful stuff. If you are considering working with Karen, I highly recommend you do!"

Frequently Asked Questions

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Book 3 Months: £1495 or 5 x £299
Book 6 Months: £2850 or £8 x £357

Plus £500 for the optional Vibrationally HEALED® Foundation Programme (can be added at checkout)

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